to the studies of Innovation and Digital Transformation
from the University of Alcalá


Permanent Education in Innovation, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

This Master responds to the need for companies to lead innovation and digital transformation with an emphasis on customer experience. With this, it helps to obtain new or improved competitive advantages with which to face the new challenges that new technologies and globalization bring.

Duration: 1 academic year (60 ECTS)

Modality: Hybrid (executive type attendance in Madrid and online)

Admission: Degree (or equivalent).

Date: February 2023 (registration until December 15, 2022)

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Permanent Education in
Innovation and Digital Transformation
for Public Services

This Master serves to take the challenge of innovation and digital transformation to the field of public services. The goal is for the public service to be more efficient and useful for society in a world of constant technological innovation.

Duration: 1 academic year (60 ECTS)

Modality: Hybrid (executive type attendance in Madrid and online)

Admission: Degree (or equivalent).

Date: February 2023 (registration until December 15, 2022)

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Permanent Education
in Social Innovation
and Digital Transformation
for Civil Society

This Master serves to introduce innovation and new technologies in the third sector and civil society, from digital transformation and social and collaborative innovation.

Duration: 1 academic year (60 ECTS)

Modality: Hybrid (executive type attendance in Madrid and online)

Admission: Degree (or equivalent).

Date: February 2023 (registration until December 15, 2022)

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Key Benefits of our Masters

Lead Change and Digital Transformation

In your organization, combining knowledge with interpersonal management skills.

Boost your Professional Career

As an expert in digital transformation processes and innovation.

Acquire the Most Advanced Knowledge

Taught by expert professionals in each subject, from a multidisciplinary approach, especially business management, economics, law and, for technological content, computer engineering and computer science.

Carry out an Applied and Impact Master's Thesis

That it is a milestone for your professional development and useful for your organization.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Private Sector

Digital transformation and innovation are no longer a luxury or a fashion but a necessity for companies in the context of globalization. For this reason, professionals capable of manage and lead technology and business innovation aimed at generating efficiency, quality, new products and customer experiences with which to increase competitiveness while better meet new demands.

Recipients and Professional Opportunities:

1). Responsible for digital transformation and innovation in companies
2). Experts in business development.
3). Entrepreneurs and start-up initiatives.
4). Marketing and customer experience departments.

Public Services

Traditionally in public services, innovation has lagged behind public innovation, but now it has the challenge of moving quickly to adopt new technologies and move towards the digital transformation imposed by the new times. Public services face increasing pressure to meet new social needs and demands, budget adjustments and regulatory changes.

Recipients and Professional Opportunities:

1). Responsible for digital transformation in public administrations.
2). Consultants in digital strategy and innovation.
3). Digital project managers
4). Digital management managers in public services.

Civil Society

The pandemic has shown that there is potential to transform digitally from a renewed role of civil society. It is not just about accelerating the process of adapting to technology, but about promoting organizational change and innovative culture. Social innovation and digital transformation are needed to provide new and improved solutions to today's problems.

Recipients and Professional Opportunities:

1). Responsible for digital transformation in foundations, NGOs and civil society organizations.
2). Consultant in digital strategy.
3). Manager of digital management and social innovation.
4) Social innovation and digitization departments and projects

Direction of the Masters

UAH professors and external professionals with extensive professional experience in innovation. Specialists in their field of recognized prestige present success stories.


Luis Rubalcaba

Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Alcalá (Spain).

He is a specialist in business innovation, public innovation and social innovation, author of some 200 publications in these fields. He has also worked as a civil servant at the World Bank in Washington DC (2013-2016) and at the European Commission in Brussels (2002-2004). He has also been an external advisor for the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations and the OECD, among others.

About the University of Alcalá

The University of Alcalá (UAH) is a public university, located in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest European universities, whose origins date back to 1293. In 1499, Cardinal Cisneros expanded the institution's studies with the creation of a higher college, which would later become the University of Alcalá, was the first modern university city in the world. Today, the University of Alcalá is a modern medium-sized institution, founded in 1977, and recognized as a model imitated in Europe and America. In addition to the classic humanistic studies and the social sciences, the University of Alcalá has incorporated the most modern degrees in all scientific fields, such as Health Sciences and the different engineering courses spread across its campus, which, together with the Science and Technology Park, are a decisive factor in its international projection and a boost to business activity in our region.

Why study in Madrid?

Madrid brings together all the advantages of its location in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the capital of Spain and has an excellent cultural life and good gastronomic offer. In addition, it is a safe city and has an excellent study and leisure environment. It has a good climate and excellent communications with the entire country. Its transport system makes it very easy to visit one of the main cultural capitals of Europe.


First University in Spain to receive five stars in QS Star.

Number 11 among Spanish public universities, the third in international professors and the first in attracting international students.

Seventh place of the Spanish universities in the transfer of knowledge to society

The University of Alcalá has been ranked among the 800 best universities in the world (position 601-800).

It places the University of Alcalá among the 200 best universities in the world in 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

It has stood out in achieving the objectives of Quality of Education (ODS 4) and Gender Equality (ODS 5), but has also participated in the purposes to achieve Sustainable Cities and Communities (ODS 11) and Alliances to achieve the objectives ( SDG 17).

What do our students say?

"The course has seemed to me to be of great quality in terms of the content of the subjects, the density of information and the structuring of content. Congratulations!"
Yolanda Aguiar Castro
Concello de Vigo
Director of Institutional Relations
“The Master in Innovation at the UAH gave me theoretical solidity and was an advance in my career, which is focused on the creation of digital tools in a multinational company”.
Wagner Pasolius Wexel
BASF. Senior Digital Agronomist
“Thank you very much for your dedicated time and all the knowledge that you have transmitted to me. To all those interested in innovation I recommend carrying out this grade".
José Enrique Martín
AGAPA. Advanced technician
“Professionals who need to work on changing public administration will find very suitable content geared towards this end”.

Neus Lliteras
Gest Medi Ambient i Turisme. Director

News and Events

During the summer and until the end of September 2022, the director of the master’s degrees has been invited by the Rector of Harvard University to carry out a research stay related to innovation in three areas: public services, libraries and living-labs.

The IX Congress of Public Innovation of Novagob 2022 is underway. The program and all the information can be consulted here

The Inseras group of the UAH organizes two international academic congresses that will take place next autumn. The fundamental topics to be covered will be: Entrepreneurship and Innovation.