Master in Innovation Economics, Management and Technology

General Information about Master Degree

  • General Information
  • Key Benefits
  • Career Opportunities
  • Program
  • Objectives
  • Tittle awarded: Master in Innovation Economics, Management and Technology
  • Duration: 12 months (60 ECTS)
  • Price:  3.300 euros
  • Start date: 26th April 2022
  • Attendance: Face to Face
  • Knowledge to design and implement innovative strategies in organizations.
  • Skills in the management of innovation, knowledge and intangible assets.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
  • Skills in creating user and service experiences.
  • Capabilities for the improvement of financial, legal and fiscal issues of innovation.
  • Skills to generate open innovation, social innovation and citizen participation.
  • Acquire skills to promote a culture of innovation in organizations.
  • Managers and directors of innovation, knowledge and technological change.
  • Technology and innovation consultants.
  • CEOs of start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Heads of R&D&I departments.
  • Careers in International Organizations.
  • Professional mobility between the business sector, the public sector and the third sector.

The programme is grouped in mandatory and optional subjects:

Mandatory subjects:

    • Artificial intelligence, big data and emerging technologies.
    • Public sector innovation, open government, and citizen participation.
    • Digital transformation in public administrations.
    • Innovation and knowledge management.
    • Service innovation, servitization and user experience.
    • Social economy, social innovation management and value co-creation.
    • Eco-innovation and sustainability.

Optional subjects:

    • Artificial intelligence for organizations and the public sector.
    • Artificial intelligence, big data and applications for industry 4.0
    • Emerging technologies for fostering social innovation.
    • R&d and innovation policies.
    • Impact evaluation of public policy.
    • Innovation funding, intelectual property rights and taxation.
    • New models of business and innovation in managing intangible assets.
    • Reinventing business models.
    • Social entrepreneurship and startups for social innovation.

Internship (Optional) (research centre, company, public institutions, SMEs)

Master Thesis.


The objective of the Master's degree is to foster innovations in the public and social sector from an economics and entrepreneurial perspective.

Its main aim is to train leaders to bring successful innovation in their existing organizations and also make economic and social contributions through the successful innovative offerings in the marketplaces. The Master's degree blends the disciplines of Public Innovation, Social Innovation, Technological Innovation, Economy, Management and Entrepreneurship giving students a highly interdisciplinary and industrial-focused learning experience. The students will be able to develop practical skills that could be easily transferred to cater the academic and professional goals.


  • Admission
  • Scholarship

If you want to enroll for Master degree at the University of Alcalá, send the following documents to admission committee:

    • Motivation letter.
    • Curriculum vitae.

After the evaluation of the application, the admission letter will be issued for positively evaluated cases. The following documents then needs to be submitted for finalization of the place. 

    • Apostilled university degree (you have until one month before the end of the Master's program to apostille it).
    • Fill out and submit the pre-enrollment application form.
    • If you have obtained your university degree from an educational institution outside the European Union, you also need to fill out and submit the application form for students with a degree outside the EHEA. 
    • National ID Document or passport
    • Documentation required for the awarding of the scholarship, if the scholarship has been applied for.
    • Proof of payment of the pre-registration fee to reserve your place (reservation fee: 300 euros).
  • Academic level required to access the Master's Degree in Innovation:
    • University Degree or equivalent

In the Master in Innovation of the University of Alcalá we offer you the opportunity to apply for scholarships, which vary depending on your academic or social profile.

To apply for an academic scholarship you must submit the following documentation:

    • Motivation letter:You must indicate your academic and professional profile, as well as prove that you will pay for the Master's Degree by your own means.
    • National ID document or passport,

You can apply for your scholarship sending an email with the required information. We will inform you of all the details regarding the amount of the scholarship and the steps to follow to apply for it.


Testimonials from former students of the UAH Master's Program in Innovation

"I found the course to be of high quality in terms of subject content, information density and content structuring. congratulations!"

Yolanda Aguiar Castro

Concello de Vigo

Director of Institutional Relations

"The UAH Master's in Innovation provided me with theoretical solidity and was a step forward in my career, which is focused on the creation of digital tools in a multinational."

Wagner Pasolius Wexel


Senior Digital Agronomist

"Thank you very much for your time and all the knowledge you have given me. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in innovation."

José Enrique Martín


Senior Technician

"Los profesionales que necesitan trabajar en el cambio de la administración pública encontrarán unos contenidos muy adecuados y orientados a este fin."

Neus Lliteras

Gest Medi Ambient i Turisme


"The UAH Master in Innovation surprised me for their high quality of the professors and their knowledge in general."

Yulissa Walters


Senior Product Designer

Dirección del Máster en Innovación de la UAH

The Master’s faculty is made up of highly qualified experts in Innovation from both the University of Alcalá (UAH) and other universities, as well as professionals from the sector.

The UAH is the first university in Spain to receive five stars in QS Stars, the recognized International Quality Accreditation System. The UAH stands out in teaching, internationalization, employability, infrastructure, innovation, and social commitment.

Luis Rubalcaba es catedrático en la UAH, concretamente de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, que se encuentra en Alcalá de Henares

Luis Rubalcaba


Professor in the Department of Economics and Business Management of the University of Alcalá (Spain)

Expert in business innovation, public innovation, and social innovation. He has worked as staff member for The World Bank Group in Washington DC (2013 -2016) for the European Commission in Brussels (2002- 2004), and as external advisor for the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations, and the OECD.

Varun Gupta


Specialist in Innovation Management, Startup Management, Software Engineering and Business Globalisation. He is Associate Editor of many leading journals like IEEE Access (IEEE), PeerJ Computer Science (PeerJ, International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering & Technology (Inderscience Publishers), IEEE Software Blog, Journal of Cases on Information Technology (IGI Global) and former Editorial Team Member of British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) (Wiley). He is serving as reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence.

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    • Walter Ganz, Fraunhofer IAO (Alemania)
    • Ines Mergel, University of Constance Germany)
    • Faïz Gallouj, Universidad of Lille (France)
    • Christiane Hipp, University Brandenburg (Germany)
    • Paul Windrum, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)
    • Marja Toivonen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland (Finlandia)
    • Diego Aboal, CINVE (Uruguay)