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Public Innovation Course

Transforming a Public Organization
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This program at the University of Alcalá is designed in collaboration with the NovaGob Foundation and is intended for professionals, managers, consultants and graduates who need to know the latest advances in innovation and related technology, in order to lead the transformation of public administration.

Course Objectives

To offer high quality training in innovation economics, management and technology, aimed at enabling public sector professionals, workers, managers and consultants, senior management and graduates who wish to work in this field and lead the necessary changes needed in their organizations and to face the new socio-economic challenges, the need for policies with a participatory approach and open government, and the ongoing digital revolution.

General Information


  • Innovation for the public sector, open government and citizen participation
  • Innovation and digital transformation to improve public administration.
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to organisations and the public sector.
  • Innovation in public services: Health, education and innovative public procurement.
  • Evaluation of the impact of public policies.
  • Webinars on methodologies for innovation: Design Thinking, Data Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Agile Methodologies, Co-creation, Simulation, etc.
  • Key Benefits
  • Professional Opportunities
  • Knowledge of designing and applying strategies of co-creation of value and innovation
  • Skills in the design of innovation policies to implement high-quality public services.
  • Use of Big Data analysis tools and Artificial Intelligence, applied in public transformation strategies.
  • Ability to implement open government, citizen participation and digital transformation.
  • Training oriented towards analysis, change management and innovation impact assessment.
  • Acquiring skills to promote a culture of innovation in the public sector.
  • Managers and managers of innovation, knowledge and technological change
  • Individuals responsible for open government and citizen participation.
  • Professional careers in the public sector.
  • Technology and innovation consultants.
  • Careers in international organizations.


The Master´s teaching staff are made up of highly qualified experts in innovation from both the University of Alcalá (UAH) and other universities, as well as professionals from the sector. The UAH is the first university in Spain to receive five stars in QS Stars (*****), the recognized International Quality Accreditation System. The UAH stands out in education, internationalization, employability, infrastructure, innovation, and social commitment.
Luis Rubalcaba es catedrático en la UAH, concretamente de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, que se encuentra en Alcalá de Henares

Luis Rubalcaba


Professor in the Department of Economics and Business Management at the University of Alcalá (Spain), he is a specialist in business innovation, public innovation and social innovation.

He has worked as a civil servant at the World Bank in Washington DC (2013-2016) and at the European Commission in Brussels (2002-2004). He has also been an external advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations and the OECD.

José Manuel Gómez Pulido es director del Máster en Economía, Gestión y Tecnología de la Innovación de la UAH, especializado en la rama de inteligencia artificial, big data, machine learning y toda la temática relacionada con la informática y la tecnología

José Manuel Gómez Pulido

Responsible for technological content

Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Alcalá. Doctor in Computer Engineering.

Specialist in computer project management, implementation of information systems and application of ICTs to companies and public administrations.

Opening Session

Fernando de Pablo

Director of the Digital Office of the Madrid City Council

Formerly General Secretary for Digital Transformation in Spain.

  • Víctor Almonacid, Secretary of Local Administration (Spain)
  • Concepción Campos, Red Localis (Spain)
  • Faïz Gallouj, University of Lille (France)
  • Ines Mergel, University of Konstanz (Germany)
  • David Osimo, Lisbon Council (Belgium)
  • Francisco Rojas Martín, Novagob (Spain)
  • Paz Sánchez, Andalusian Institute of Public Administration of Andalusia (Spain)

  • Encarna Hernández, (Novagob).
  • Francisco Rojas, (NovaGob Foundation).
  • Juan Leal, (IAAP Junta Andalucía).
  • Conchita Campos, (Red Localis).
  • Paz Sánchez, (IAAP Andalusia Regional Government).
  • Rita Grandinetti, (PoliLab UNR Argentina).
  • Borja Carvajal, (RED FEMP, Innovation Group).
  • Máximo Fraile, (NovaGob Foundation).
  • Víctor Almonacid, (Alzira City Council).
  • Gerardo Bustos Pretel, (Ministry of Finance).
  • Vanesa Vilaseca, (Cunit Town Hall).
  • Magda Llorente, (Barcelona Provincial Council).
  • Rafael Camacho, (Novagob).
  • Miquel Estapé, (AOC Consortium).
  • Roberto Magro, (Alcobendas Town Council).
  • Sandra Sinde, (IDOM).
  • Diego Moñux, (SILO).
  • María Pilar Batet, (Castellón Provincial Council).
  • Loredana Stan, (Novagob).
  • Antonio Ibañez, (Regional Government of Castilla and León).
  • Margarita Gómez, (University of Oxford and CIDE Mexico).
  • Carmen Seisdedos, (IAAP Regional Government of Andalusia).
  • Sara Hernández Ibabe, (Huelva Regional Government).
  • Olga Fernández, (Sandetel).
  • Pedro Guerra Brandao, (Lab HAcker Brazil).
  • Mar Herrera, (IAAP Regional Government of Andalusia)
  • Fernando Monar, (COTEC project director).
  • Amalia López Acera, (Calpe Town Council).

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